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Portable Batteries
– Collection Service

OCC offers a comprehensive service to cover the requirements of all portable batteries.

Portable batteries include dry-cell consumer batteries each weighing less than 4 kgs including:

  • Alkaline (AA, AAA, etc.)
  • Lithium
  • Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride, Nickel Zinc
  • Small Sealed Lead Acid

Recycling and Waste Management System
for Portable Batteries.

OCC covers the following:

  • Compliance Scheme
  • Collection
  • Sorting
  • Recycling


We work closely with our own Battery Compliance Schemes, helping to deliver the necessary services and recycling evidence required by the European Batteries Directive for producers of portable batteries.

We assist with:

  • Reporting to Authorities
  • Achieving Collection rate according to the law
  • Achieving recycling effiency of 45% (for 2020) and 50% (from 2021)
  • Proof of Collection and Recycling
  • Consulting
  • Collection Service


OCC collects, consolidates, sorts and recycles with a secure service for all waste batteries and accumulators.

  • We offer free, secure containers for the safe on-site storage of batteries (except critical lithium batteries) in a wide range of capacities. These are suitable for use by retailers, garages factories and offices. We agree timescales to pick up full containers and replace them with empty ones.
  • We ensure the safe and legally compliant transport of your used batteries, ensuring they are correctly identified and sorted with the optimum recycling solution.
  • We look after the administration of the whole process with a fully transparent service which can be monitored at any time via the OCC portal.

With industry-specific, approved storage solutions for each different battery type, OCC offers peace of mind that batteries are being stored and transported correctly. The OCC team can advise customers on the most appropriate storage solutions, depending on whether batteries are being stored indoors or outside.

to you

  • All services delivered by a single supplier
  • Compliant and high-quality service for you, enabling you to concentrate 
on your core business
  • Individually tailored solutions available
  • Cost effective
  • Low administration
  • A useful value-added service for your customers

Collection Services

Standard Service

Provision of bin
Emptying 14-day
Minimum pick-up quantity 75 kgs

Standard Service 2

Provision of box
Minimum pick-up quantity 180 kgs

Premium Service

We advise you personally.

Personal Advice